Consulting Fees.

Consulting fees begin at $150/hour.  Project fees may be assessed on an as-needed basis.

Website Development.

Many of our clients need help with small web design projects.  Some just need existing sites to be updated and refreshed, others may need a whole new re-design, and some have decided it’s time to finally purchase a domain name and set up a website of their own.

Our web design capability provides our clients with a more flexible platform to meet customers needs, no matter what devices they are using.  OS provides more development choices by using WordPress or WIX platforms to give our clients the freedom of full viewing and functionality via desktop or mobile device.  We will help you integrate all of your e-commerce, social media and other third-party apps to help customers connect with you from wherever they are and whenever they can.

Brand Strategy.

We help clients develop effective marketing and branding strategies by getting laser-focused on the customer experience. Having an amazing customer experience facilitates the growth of a strong, long-term relationship with your customers. At Ochstein Strategies, we pride ourselves providing exceptional support and implementation services, which greatly helps those who understand the importance of the customer experience, but may not have the team to make it happen.

Strategic Online Marketing.

Trying to find customers can be a challenge. To help you reach new audiences or supporters, Ochstein Strategies creates targeted, optimized, and engaging content that connects with you with your audience, where they are: through videos, podcasts, blogs, targeted email, and across social media channels.


Keeping clients and supporters engaged means evolving and executing a “go-to-market strategy”. Ochstein Strategies will conceive, craft, and produce marketing programs and events that will highlight your brand and compliment your public relations strategy.

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